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 Prevent Urinary Tract Infections!

  • Lowers the pH of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Inhibits the activity of negative bacteria while providing positive bacteria for replacement
  • Especially important for neutered males
  • Top-dressed on the feed daily
  • Vanilla Flavor that pet pigs just love!

  • Deodorase is derived from the yucca plant and absorbs the ammonia smells from the urine and feces.
  • Simply by adding one small scoop a day to a Pot Belly Pig's feed ration.
  • Yes, it really works!
  • Feed to your pet pig as a top dressing for control of ammonia odor in urine and feces.
  • Natural sarsaponin is obtained by extracting and stabilizing ingredients in the Yucca plant.
  • Sarsaponin works to control ammonia odor by stimulating bacterial use of ammonia while speeding waste breakdown.
  • Outstanding success in controlling odor in litter boxes and pens of pot bellied pigs.
  • Elder-Aide GM
    Elder-Aide GM

    Pain Relief for Your Aging Pet Pig!

    • Contains GLUCOSAMINE and MSM which are two of the most effective pain relief supplements on the market today!
    • Packed full of all-natural biological vitamins and minerals.
    • Provides pain relief for your pot belly pig and eliminates stiff joints.
    • Aids in the discomfort of pot bellied pigs due to old age or arthritic conditions.
    • Will increase the activity of older pot-bellied pigs as their pain is relieved. 

    Gift Certificate
    Gift Certificate

    Hair and Skin Conditioner
    Hair and Skin Conditioner
    • Cures dry skin from the inside out! (common problem among pot-bellied pigs).
    • Controls dandruff-like dermatitis!
    • Easy to use. Just "squirt" on top of your pet pig chow.
    Hair, Hooves & Skin Care Box
    Hair, Hooves & Skin Care Box
    This box contains 1 each of the following:
    • Hair & Skin Conditioner 8oz
    • So Soft Hair Moisturizer 4oz
    • Ultra Shampoo 4oz
    • Better Hooves & Coat 4oz
    • Hoof Moisturizer .25oz
    Heartland Maintenance Feed
    Heartland Maintenance Feed

    The Best Feed in the Industry!

    • Developed specifically for the pet pig
    • 12% protein.
    • Low energy to restrict obesity.
    • High in minerals and vitamins.
    • High in fiber to satisfy animal's appetite.
    • Manufactured for pot bellies since 1988
    • Thousands of happy customers (and pet pigs)
    • Now available in 10lb and 20lb bags to assure and maintain quality.
    • Shipping is included in price. No more having to calculate.
    • Note: We cannot ship feed outside of the United States.
    Sampler Box
    Sampler Box
    • A box of our most popular products in sample sizes.
    • Price includes shipping.
    Starter Box
    Starter Box
    • A box designed for the new pig parent.
    • Price includes shipping.
    Ultra Shampoo
    Ultra Shampoo
    • Excellent cleansing properties.
    • Lathers well in soft or hard water.
    • Easily rinsed away.
    • Softens skin.
    • Reduces or eliminates dandruff-like scaly dermatitis.
    • Soft solid when cool. Melts to amber liquid when warm.
    • 16 oz jar.

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