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We are happy to announce that Heartland Animal Health has been purchased. Available products can be found at Pigs4Ever.

The web site is under construction as we are in the process of up dating it. Please be patient. In the mean time you can contact us from either site by using the Contact Us form or leave a voicemail at 352.589.1702.

We look forward to continuing what Linda and Roger started back in 1988.

Thank you.

Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement
Vitamin E and Selenium Supplement
Out Of Stock

Something All Pot Belly's Need!

  • All-natural and recommended for all Pot Bellied Pigs as a regular supplement.
  • Correct dosage for the Pot Belly Pig.
  • Top dressing on feed makes it easy to use. (Raises and maintains vitamin E and selenium at sufficient levels.)
  • Strawberry flavored.
  • Reduces challenges from Capture Myopathy, White Muscle Disease and Porcine Stress Syndrome, due to stress.
  • Aids in other stressful situations-e.g. moving, sickness, shipping, etc.
  • Combine with Hair and Skin Conditioner for optimal results in reducing your pot belly pig's dry skin.
  • Aero-Mycin
    Out Of Stock

    The cold and flu season is upon us. Pot belly's get colds too!

    • Top dress on Heartland's Mini-Pet Feed to aid in the prevention of respiratory infections in your pet pig.
    • Also helps pot-bellied pigs that have developed poorer than normal respiratory system due to atrophic-rhinitis and reduces the chances of bacterial scours .
    • If your pot bellied pig has runny eyes, nose, or sniffles...your pot belly pig will thank you for picking up some Areo-Mycin.

    Aqua Spray
    Aqua Spray
    Out Of Stock
    • Out of Stock
    • External parasite control.
    • Kills and repels fleas, ticks, and lice.
    • Use daily to provide 24 hour protection.
    • Non-sticky water base utilizing only natural pyrethrins.
    • 16 oz spray bottle.
    Bulky Lax Plus
    Bulky Lax Plus
    Out Of Stock
    • An extremely high source of fiber for your potbelly.
    • A high quality source of necessary vitamins.
    • Keeps stool in good condition.
    • To be fed as a supplement on all feeds.
    • Reduces likelihood of aggressive potbellied pigs. (Those that want to nip and snip.)
    • Helps curb your pot belly's appetite.
    Out Of Stock



    Prevent Urinary Tract Infections!

    • Lowers the pH of the gastro-intestinal tract
    • Inhibits the activity of negative bacteria while providing positive bacteria for replacement
    • Especially important for neutered males
    • Heartland's feed already contains Cytra-Med.
    • Top-dressed on the feed daily
    • Vanilla Flavor that pet pigs just love!
    Out Of Stock

  • Deodorase is derived from the yucca plant and absorbs the amonia smells from the urine and feces.
  • Simply by adding one small scoop a day to a Pot Belly Pig's feed ration.
  • Yes, it really works!
  • Feed to your pet pig as a top dressing for control of ammonia odor in urine and feces.
  • Natural sarsaponin is obtained by extracting and stabilizing ingredients in the Yucca plant.
  • Sarsaponin works to control ammonia odor by stimulating bacterial use of ammonia while speeding waste breakdown.
  • Outstanding success in controlling odor in litter boxes and pens of pot bellied pigs.
  • Elder-Aide GM
    Elder-Aide GM
    Out Of Stock

    Pain Relief for Your Aging Pet Pig!

    • Contains GLUCOSAMINE and MSM which are two of the most effective pain relief supplements on the market today!
    • Packed full of all-natural biological vitamins and minerals.
    • Provides pain relief for your pot belly pig and eliminates stiff joints.
    • Aids in the discomfort of pot bellied pigs due to old age or arthritic conditions.
    • Will increase the activity of older pot-bellied pigs as their pain is relieved.

    Hair and Skin Conditioner
    Hair and Skin Conditioner
    Out Of Stock

  • Cures dry skin from the inside out! (common problem among pot-bellied pigs).
  • Controls dandruff-like dermatitis!
  • Use in conjunction with Vitamin E and Selenium for optimum results.
  • Easy to use. Just "squirt" on top of you pot belly pig chow.
  • So-Soft Plus
    So-Soft Plus
    Out Of Stock
    Formulated to help stop the itching of
    minor skin irritations, inflammations and rashes
    as it soothes and moisturizes

    So-Soft Plus will medicate as POWER MOISTURIZERS
    are slow-released to keep the skin moisture-rich for
    days after.

    Training Treats
    Training Treats
    Out Of Stock
    • Out of Stock
    • 100% all natural treats for training or just because you love your pig.
    • Green apple, Peanut Butter flavored or Cheese flavor
    • No sodium or sugar added.
    • Dogs love them too!!
    Ultra Shampoo
    Ultra Shampoo
    Out Of Stock
    • Excellent cleansing properties.
    • Lathers well in soft or hard water.
    • Easily rinsed away.
    • Softens skin.
    • Reduces or eliminates dandruff-like scaly dermatitis.
    • Soft solid when cool. Melts to amber liquid when warm.
    • 12 oz jar.
    Mini-Pet Feed (Maintenance Diet)
    Mini-Pet Feed (Maintenance Diet)
    Out Of Stock

    The Best Feed in the Industry!

    • Developed specifically for the pet pig
    • 12% protein.
    • Low energy to restrict obesity.
    • High in minerals and vitamins.
    • High in fiber to satisfy animal's appetite.
    • Additional vitamin E and selenium added.
    • Available in 25 lb. or 50 lb. double-lined bags to assure and maintain quality.
    • Acidification program added to aid in preventing re-occurring urinary tract infections.
    • Note: We cannot ship 25 lb or 50 lb feed items COD.
    Pot Bellied Pig Survival Plus With High Vitamin E
    Pot Bellied Pig Survival Plus With High Vitamin E
    Out Of Stock

    A must have for your medicine chest!

    • Aids in stressful situations:  Moving, Sickness, Shipping, Trips to the Vet, etc
    • Reduces threat of Capture Myopathy, White Muscle Disease, and Porcine Stress Syndrome due to stress
    • Provides Pot Belly Pigs with immediate energy and nutrients to counteract against the effects of stress
    • Reduces Hypoglycemic Shock
    • Contains the patented emulsifier Liposol, which rapidly assimilates the energy and nutrients throughout the pig's body


    Senior Pet Pig Feed
    Senior Pet Pig Feed
    Out Of Stock
    • Prevents, or significantly reduces sub-clinical infections that create the aches and pains of the senior pet pig.
    • Provides the necessary nutrients that are known to be needed by the senior pet pig.
    • Provides a controlled blend of vitamins and minerals for the senior pet pig.
    • Provides an alternative option to the exclusive use of antibiotics.
    • Provides the ability to stimulate and strengthen its immune functions.
    • Provides a source of positive bacteria.
    • Provides additional enzymes.
    • When feeding Senior Pet Pig Feed you do not have to feed Senior Supplement or Vitamin E/Selenium.
    • Fulfills our expectations: to improve and extend the quality of life for the pet pigs as they live out their senior years.
    • Note: We cannot ship 25 lb or 50 lb feed items COD. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of 25 lb or 50 lb feed. 25 lb or 50 lb feed cannot be delivered by UPS overnite, 2nd Air, or 3 day select. It can only be delivered by normal UPS ground delivery.

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