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Heartland Maintenance Feed Heartland Maintenance Feed


The Best Feed in the Industry!

  • Developed specifically for the pet pig
  • 12% protein.
  • Low energy to restrict obesity.
  • High in minerals and vitamins.
  • High in fiber to satisfy animal's appetite.
  • Manufactured for pot bellies since 1988
  • Thousands of happy customers (and pet pigs)
  • Now available in 10lb and 20lb bags to assure and maintain quality.
  • Shipping is included in price. No more having to calculate.
  • Note: We cannot ship feed outside of the United States.
Select Size
10 lbs (Includes shipping)  
20 lbs (Includes shipping)  ($32.95)
Sampler Box Sampler Box

  • A box of our most popular products in sample sizes.
  • Price includes shipping.
Starter Box Starter Box

  • A box designed for the new pig parent.
  • Price includes shipping.
Harness Size and Color
Mini-Starter Feed Mini-Starter Feed

  • A balanced amino acid formulation.
  • Added vitamin E and selenium.
  • Developed to be highly palatable.
  • Contains dry whey.
  • Small pellet form-easy to feed, minimizes waste.
  • 20% protein assures young pigs are off to a good start.
  • Available in 10lb and 20 lb. plastic lined boxes to assure and maintain quality.
  • Price includes shipping.
Select Select Size
10 lbs (Includes shipping)  
20 lbs (Includes shipping)  ($42.95)
Bulky Lax Plus Bulky Lax Plus

  • An extremely high source of fiber for your potbelly.
  • A high quality source of necessary vitamins.
  • Keeps stool in good condition.
  • To be fed as a supplement on all feeds.
  • Reduces likelihood of aggressive potbellied pigs. (Those that want to nip and snip.)
  • Helps curb your pot belly's appetite.
  • Sizes: 15lb box / 5lb bag (price includes shipping)

Select Size
5 lbs  
15 lbs  ($49.95)
Training Treats Training Treats

  • 100% all natural treats for training or just because you love your pig.
  • Peanut Butter, Honey Oat, Cinnamon or Cheese flavors
  • No sodium or sugar added.
  • 12oz bag
Select Option 
Treats - Tiny Trainers Treats - Tiny Trainers

  • 100% all natural tiny training treats
  • Cinnamon or Peanut Butter Flavor
  • No sodium or sugar added
  • 4oz bag
Select Flavor

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