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Hair and Skin Conditioner
Hair and Skin Conditioner

Pot-Bellied Pig Hair and Skin Conditioner to be used as a top dressing on food. It contains the 4 long-chain fatty acids that are essential to the development and maintenance of the membranes in the pot belly pig's body.

Hair and Skin Conditioner cures dry skin from the inside out, and controls dandruff-like dermatitis. Add this to your pigs diet for glossy, supple hair and soft, smooth skin! It is an oil-based product containing Linoleic, an emulsifier that breaks down the fat globule into a fit micelle, which the animal can assimilate rapidly throughout its body.

Directions For Use: Pump uniformly dispenses 1cc. Dosing is easiest by pumping onto the feed as a top dressing. 1. To improve hair coat and control dandruff like scaly dermatitis, provide 3-5 pumps per pig per day for every 50 lbs of body weight. 2. Pigs with severe skin problems, use 6-8 pumps per day until conditions improve. Then reduce amount to maintenance level of 3-5 pumps per day. 3. Improvement will usually be observed, depending on severity, within 3-4 weeks.

 Sizes: 8oz / 32oz Bottle

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8 oz w/pump  
32 oz refill  ($59.95)
1 gal (4 - 32oz bottles)  ($199.95)
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