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9 Second Digital Thermometer 9 Second Digital Thermometer


Cytra-Med Cytra-Med


 Prevent Urinary Tract Infections!

  • Lowers the pH of the gastro-intestinal tract
  • Inhibits the activity of negative bacteria while providing positive bacteria for replacement
  • Especially important for neutered males
  • Top-dressed on the feed daily
  • Vanilla Flavor that pet pigs just love!
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12 oz.  
2 - 12oz bags  ($42.95)
4 lbs  ($69.95)
Elder-Aide GM Elder-Aide GM


Pain Relief for Your Aging Pet Pig!

  • Contains GLUCOSAMINE and MSM which are two of the most effective pain relief supplements on the market today!
  • Packed full of all-natural biological vitamins and minerals.
  • Provides pain relief for your pot belly pig and eliminates stiff joints.
  • Aids in the discomfort of pot bellied pigs due to old age or arthritic conditions.
  • Will increase the activity of older pot-bellied pigs as their pain is relieved. 

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12 oz  
2 - 12oz bags  ($57.95)
4 lbs  ($124.95)
EverFlex EverFlex

• Promotes joint health and normal function.
• Helps lubricate joints.
• May increase shock absorption in the joints.
• Enhances flexibility.
• May contribute to healthy cartilage.
PetPig Piggy Lax PetPig Piggy Lax

  • PetPig Piggy Lax is Mother Nature's way of dealing with constipation. PetPig Piggy Lax provides two efficient, bulk-forming ingredients; ground psyllium seed and ground flax seed meal. These ingredients absorb up to eight times their volume in water and help produce feces that are soft (but not runny) and easily excreted. When you give your pet pig, PetPig Piggy Lax, you are feeding natural, nutritious substances that have no side-effects and are not habit forming.
  • For a good "elimination program," before a problem appears, many pet pigs benefit from one or two daily scoops of PetPig Piggy Lax. For optimum results provide two scoops per day.
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12 oz  
2 - 12oz bags  ($35.95)
3 lbs  ($45.95)
Pig-B-Calm Pig-B-Calm

  • Specially formulated vitamin B.
  • Aids in reduction of over-aggressiveness.
  • Has a special calming affect on Pot-Bellied Pigs.
Select Size
12 oz  
2 - 12oz bags  ($31.96)
5 lbs  ($52.76)
Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol 6oz Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol 6oz

  • Broad spectrum immune support
  • Is composed of nano-size particles to ensure maximum bioavailability and potency
  • Provides 20 ppm of pure silver (100 mcg per serving)

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