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Hoof Trimmers
Hoof Trimmers
Learning proper hoof trimming will pay for itself the first time you succeed. As pet pig owners know, it costs a considerable amount to bring your pet pigs in to the vet for a trim, not to mention the stress on your little girl or guy! Come with instructions on how to trim your pet pig's hooves.

The hoof trimmers are about 8" in length.

Customer Review

"Dear Dottie: Just finished trimming my pig Otis's hooves with the hoof trimmer I received in the mail from you today! All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! They were great! Only took me about 1 hour to trim the front hooves and tomorrow I'm doing the back ones. I tell you these are the greatest trimmers ever and they are SHARP, no nipping away for hours! He really didn't mind all that bad, however took about a 1/2 cup of treats to keep him occupied. Both other than that, they worked great. They don't look real good and smooth, but they are shorter and he can walk a lot better now. I am going to keep after him to let me file them. Thanks Dottie! "

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