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Clotisol Clotisol

  • Original formula blood clotting suspension.
  • Controls bleeding of minor cuts and wounds.
  • Can be used for nail trimming, tail docking and ear cropping.
  • Do not use in deep wounds or on burns.
  • 2oz bottle
Hoof Clippers Hoof Clippers

  • The best clippers available.
  • Durable, fully hardened (stay sharp longer).
  • Teflon coated for longer lasting.
  • Lightweight
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comes with complete instruction on how to trim your pet pig's hooves.
Hoof Trimmers Hoof Trimmers

  • The best trimmers available.
  • Durable, fully hardened (stay sharp longer).
  • Teflon coated for longer lasting.
  • "By-pass" blades.
  • Lightweight
  • Cushion grip.
  • 8" in length.
  • Comes with complete instructions on how to trim your pet pig's hooves
Hoof File Hoof File


This tool allows you to put the finishing touches on your pet pig's hooves, providing comfort to your pet pig. 

  • 4 Different filing grades:  Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, and Course.
  • Allows you to file the hooves to the proper length while shaping and smoothing the rough edges.
  • Indispensable to all pet pig owners.
  • Many of our customers only use the 4-Way File to maintain their pig's hooves.  Regular use will eliminate the need for trimming.
Hoof Moisturizer Hoof Moisturizer

  • Rub on cream promotes naturally moist hooves.
  • Hoof walls become more resilient.
  • Permits hooves to expand naturally.
  • Moisture, vitamins and proteins are absorbed into the hoof wall supplying vital nutrients.
  • 2 oz jar.
Better Hooves & Coat Better Hooves & Coat

  • A nutritional supplement rich in biotin.
  • Provides a nutrient formula for dry skin and constant scratching.
  • Reduces chances of cracked or impaired hooves.
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